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About VdL

No wind blows in favour of a ship without direction.



ieira da Luz, founded in 2010, has more than 30 years of history. Our story begins with Mário Luz Ferreira (1950-2007), our late master and endless source of ambition. With a personal record of excellence and a career that is no less than brilliant, he left a mark on our lives and left us a legacy that we preserve and of which we are very proud. His legacy is shared and lived by the whole team and our journey and our work speaks for us.


The formation of VdL resulted in the realisation of a project whose essential aim is to dignify and recognise our legacy and to carry out our mission in an innovative way that is appropriate for the times in which we live.

Our legacy is history, it is pragmatism and objectivity, it is courage and it is experience combined with technical knowledge. Our ambition is our nonconformity and resilience, it is the will to overcome, it is the continuous and unwavering will to defend the legitimate interests and rights of our clients.


We believe that today VdL is a leading company in Corporate Law, aiming to consolidate its position and grow organically - not abdicating our matrix and guaranteeing progressive and sustained growth.


And last but not least, VdL is grateful for the preference of our clients who are the main ones responsible for our journey and who have recognised our skills and professionalism to defend their legitimate interests. As a sign of our gratitude, we promise that tomorrow we will be better than today and that your interests will continue to be always at the top of our priorities.